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Well, enter the solution: URL shorteners!

Not a huge fan of littering your social posts with lengthy links with a mix of unsightly letters, question marks, and forward slashes? Yeah, me neither.

With URL shorteners, you can reduce any long link to a few characters in just a couple of seconds. No matter who you are—a social media manager, blogger, small business owner, TikTok influencer, or regular person—you can use URL shorteners to your heart’s content.

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The problem is, that there are tons of URL shorteners on the internet, so it can be hard to pick the one that’s right for your needs.

That’s why we’ve done the groundwork and compiled the best 10 URL shorteners for your needs.

What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener, or link shortener, is a tool that generates a shortened version of any URL. The short link leads to the same website as the long version but looks a lot cleaner.

For example, if you enter a long URL like into TinyURL, it would return This reduces the link’s length by more than half.

Some link shorteners allow you to customize the short URL with a word of phrase of your choice.

There are some free URL shortening services ou there, and some that you have to pay for. While both options create earn money with url shortener short, unique URLs that are easy to organize, the paid link shorteners usually offer more features.

How do URL shorteners work?

URL shorteners create a redirect for your long link.

When you enter a URL into your browser, it sends an HTTP request to the web server to open a specific webpage. The long and short URLs are just different starting points that direct the server to the same webpage.

There are many different types of redirect HTTP response codes, but look for the ones that have a 301 permanent redirect. Other response codes can damage your ranking on the SERPs.

4 reasons to use a URL shortener

If you plan to share links on social media or in other online content, there are good reasons why you should use a URL shortener. Here are some of them:

1. URL shorteners allow you to easily track your performance

Most link shorteners offer tracking metrics and analytics–data about who clicked your link, when they clicked it, and where they were when they clicked it. This information will help you track your performance and calculate campaign ROI.

By tracking the performance of your links, you’ll be able to understand what your audience is interacting with (and what they aren’t), identify patterns of behavior, and tweak your strategy accordingly.

To track source traffic easily, create short links with different UTM parameters. Use other analytics tools–like Google Analytics–and you’ll have access to a wealth of relevant data.

2. Long links look spammy

If you’re linking to an old webpage or are using UTM parameters to track visitors, you might end up with a lengthy URL that has random numbers and characters in it.

A Tweet with a long URL

The problem is, URLs that look like that are usually considered suspicious no matter where you use it–emails, social posts, or texts. And for good reason, too! Scammers use links like that to send people to malicious websites that harvest their sensitive information for fraudulent purposes.

When you use a URL shortener, you’ll be able to transform that spammy-looking link into a short, neat, and friendly-looking URL.

3. You get to make the most of character limits

Twitter has a character limit of 280, so it’s important to keep posts short. Getting your message across to your audience in 280 characters or less can be difficult sometimes. Now try doing that with a link that is 70 characters long. Impossible, right?

Shortened links give you more space to explain your observations or add proper punctuation marks.

A Tweet with a shortened URL

Even for Facebook and Instagram posts–or even emails–that have much higher character limits, you should still use shortened links for better readability.

4. You can brand your links

If the goal of your social media marketing strategy is to create brand awareness, a URL shortener can help you spread word about your business.

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